Top 10 Educational TikTok Accounts for Aspiring Lawyers

TikTok known for fun viral dances and challenges, TikTok also has some great educational content. For those interested in law, there are many TikTok accounts that provide valuable insight into the legal field, useful information for aspiring lawyers, and a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be an attorney.

Here are 10 of the best TikTok accounts to follow for aspiring lawyers and law students.


Run by Charlotte, a practicing criminal defense attorney, this account offers a unique inside look at what lawyers actually do. Charlotte shares videos about her own experiences in the courtroom, providing tips for aspiring lawyers along the way. Her videos are upbeat and informative, covering topics like how to dress for court, what law school is like, and how to best prepare for your bar exam. Charlotte also uses humor and wit to humanize the legal profession, while answering common questions from followers. If you’re interested in criminal law, @lawwithcharlotte is a must-follow.


Angela is a lawyer turned content creator who makes fun and helpful TikToks for aspiring attorneys. Her videos provide honesty about what it’s like to be a lawyer – the good, the bad, and the ugly. She talks about managing student loans, networking tips, workplace advice, and even silly behind-the-scenes moments in the world of law that will make you laugh. Angela’s account helps humanize lawyers and makes the legal profession more accessible. If you’re looking for candid career guidance, as well as entertainment, be sure to follow @thelawyerangela.


This account focuses on legal education and career development. Run by Christen, a lawyer turned social media influencer, the account provides tons of tips for thriving in law school, passing the bar exam, landing legal internships and jobs, and more. Short videos tackle everything from outlines and study habits to workplace etiquette and fashion. Christen also shares insights from her own experiences and brings on fellow legal professionals for Q&As. If you want actionable advice for law school and legal careers, @thelawyerslist is a go-to resource.

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Bringing pop culture into the world of law, @legallybrunette_esq compares legal concepts to scenes from movies and TV. Run by Laura, a practicing attorney with a passion for entertainment media, the account uses examples from popular shows like Suits, Law & Order, Legally Blonde, and Ally McBeal to illustrate legal principles. Even complicated topics like hearsay and the Federal Rules of Evidence become more engaging and easy to understand. For those who learn best with visuals and humor, this account is a perfect study aid.


Taja is a licensed attorney sharing her journey through law school and the legal profession as @thegirljd. Her videos provide an honest look at the struggles of law school and the realities of being a lawyer. From preparing for the LSATs to securing post-grad jobs, Taja is open about the entire process and offers encouragement for aspiring attorneys from all backgrounds. She provides advice on everything from reading and briefing court cases to balancing school, self-care, and real life. If you’re an aspiring lawyer in need of a mentor, follow @thegirljd.


Run by a certified paralegal, this comedic account pokes fun at the daily chaos of working at a law firm. @paralegal_problems posts short, satirical videos exaggerating the mishaps, personalities, and dysfunction within the legal field. Follow for a good laugh and insider perspective on the more frustrating aspects of legal work. The account also provides tips for aspiring paralegals and advice for thriving in a high-pressure legal career. If you don’t take yourself too seriously, @paralegal_problems is enjoyable viewing.


A lawyer named Jess gives an inside scoop on her life as a corporate attorney at a big law firm in New York City. She shares vlogs following her long work days, preparation for big deals, networking events, and more. Along the way, she provides guidance on job hunting, picks for work fashion, and transitioning from law school to legal practice. With her candid storytelling and helpful tips, @thelawyerjess is a great account for learning what it takes to succeed as a lawyer at a large, competitive firm.

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This account brings social justice issues to the forefront of legal education. Run by Linnaea, a professional attorney and community organizer, @attorneyandactivist discusses how law students and lawyers can incorporate activism into their careers. From reproductive rights to immigration reform and anti-racism work, Linnaea shares tangible ways to make an impact through the law. If you want to be part of meaningful change as a legal professional, Linnaea offers inspiration and ideas.


Mr. JD provides an engaging legal education, breaking down complex concepts in short, entertaining videos. A Harvard Law graduate, he began the account while working as an adjunct professor at Georgetown, helping his students grasp challenging topics like personal jurisdiction and the dormant commerce clause. His fun examples and simple explanations make dry legal principles a lot more palatable. Whether you’re a law student struggling with civil procedure or just a casual viewer looking to understand the news, @mrjdgeorgetown makes the law interesting.


Run by Barbara, @barbxam provides tips and motivation for aspiring lawyers preparing for the bar exam after law school graduation. Barbara lets followers in on her own bar prep journey, with realistic advice on juggling bar exam studies with work and life. She shares the study methods, mindset techniques, and self-care tools that helped her pass the bar on her first try. Barb’s mix of expertise and empathy makes getting ready for the bar exam feel less intimidating. If taking the bar soon, her account is a helpful resource.

Key Takeaways

TikTok has become a go-to source for educational and inspirational content in many fields, including law. For aspiring attorneys, paralegals, and law students, these accounts provide valuable insight into legal careers:

  • @lawwithcharlotte – An inside look at criminal law with a practicing defense attorney
  • @thelawyerangela – Career guidance and humor about the legal profession from a former lawyer
  • @thelawyerslist – Tips for excelling in law school and beyond from a social media influencer
  • @legallybrunette_esq – Entertainment law explanations using movies, TV shows and pop culture
  • @thegirljd – An aspiring attorney documenting law school struggles and realities of the legal field
  • @paralegal_problems – Humorous videos about the ups and downs of working at a law firm
  • @thelawyerjess – Day-to-day life of a corporate attorney at a major NYC law firm
  • @attorneyandactivist – Inspiration for incorporating social justice into legal careers
  • @mrjdgeorgetown – Engaging breakdowns of complex legal concepts for students
  • @barbxam – Useful tips and motivation for studying for and passing the bar exam
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So if you’re interested in pursuing a legal career or just want to learn more about the field, be sure to give these entertaining and educational TikTok lawyers a follow! The accounts provide relatable perspectives, actionable advice, and a little fun along the way.