Top 10 TikTok Accounts That Will Make You a Financial Whiz

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms. While it’s known for viral dance challenges and comedy skits, TikTok also offers some great educational content—especially when it comes to personal finance. Whether you’re a student wanting to learn money management skills or just an adult looking to take control of your financial life, these 10 TikTok accounts can help.


Run by a Certified Financial Education Instructor, Carter’s account provides simple money tips for beginners through quick, engaging videos. He covers the basics of budgeting, saving, investing, and more using easy-to-understand examples and lots of helpful visuals. Even complicated topics like retirement accounts and credit scores become less intimidating with Carter’s guidance. His friendly personality combined with simple explanations make learning personal finance fun.


Caitlin mixes money education with a bit of comedy on her account, using relatable examples and even costume changes to explain financial concepts. She breaks down everything from budget spreadsheets to paying off debt and building an emergency fund in a simple, judgement-free way. Caitlin also shares behind-the-scenes details of her own financial journey—the wins as well as slip-ups—making finance management feel achievable. Her account empowers viewers to open up about money.


With over 2 million followers, this TikTok account has become a go-to source for learning money skills. Certified Financial Education Instructor Kumiko Love provides short video lessons and motivation to help you crush your money goals—whether that’s getting out of debt, saving for a house, or just managing your budget. She also offers savings challenges to put what you learn into action. With an uplifting spirit and non-judgy vibe, @thebudgetmom makes financial growth feel fun and empowering.

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If you’re looking to start investing, Britt explains the stock market in simple, engaging ways. She breaks down concepts like dollar cost averaging, ETFs, dividends, and more. Britt also discusses broader topics like crypto, real estate investing, retirement accounts, and long-term wealth building. Her focus is on approachable money education for beginner investors. With her background in finance and charming personality, Britt makes investing feel welcoming.


If you feel clueless about accounting and corporate finance, @thecorporatechica can help educate you on business money management in an engaging way. TikToker Lil leads a financial team at a Fortune 500 company and explains core concepts like financial statements, budget variance analysis, and forecast modeling through easy examples. She also offers career tips for aspiring finance professionals. Lil’s account makes corporate finance concepts feel simple and fun.


Author and financial expert Erin Lowry discusses money matters for millennials and Gen Z through quick videos on this account. She covers practical topics like managing student loans, saving for big goals like home ownership, and navigating salary negotiations. Erin also busts money myths and provides encouragement to feel empowered in your financial life, no matter how broke you may feel. If you want relatable money guidance for 20-somethings, @brokemillennial is a go-to.


Calling all future doctors! @personalfinance4MD teaches medical students and residents how to manage their money wisely. Run by a pediatric resident named Pamela, it covers everything from strategies for paying off med school loans to budgeting on a resident salary and planning for retirement despite a late start. With lots of helpful examples and insider tips, this account provides medical trainees the personal finance education needed to thrive financially during training and beyond.

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This Canadian account makes money management applicable across borders. @torontobudgeter discusses personal finance skills like budgeting, side hustles, investing, and paying off debt through the lens of someone living frugally in a high-cost city. Her realistic money guidance is useful for young adults learning to manage their finances independently—whether in Toronto, New York, London, or elsewhere. Plus her rescued golden retriever makes cute cameos!


Corporate accountant Andie shares her personal finance journey as well as educational breakdowns of money topics like banking, taxes, mortgages, and more. She explains concepts clearly and gives engaging real world examples. With her bubbly personality combined with a knack for simplifying complex financial matters, Andie makes learning about money fun and accessible. If you find finance confusing or intimidating, Andie is a great account to follow.


Lauren is a financial educator on a mission to empower women to master their personal finances and build wealth. She shares tips tailored to women on topics like budgeting, investing, paying down debt, and advancing your career—all aimed at taking control of money so it doesn’t control you. Lauren also hosts inspirational Lives related to women boosting their net worth. If you want to feel financially empowered as a woman, follow @moneywithlauren.

Take Charge of Your Financial Future

Managing finances can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. These entertaining and educational TikTok accounts break down money matters in simple, engaging ways. Follow them to learn financial skills like budgeting, saving, investing, reducing debt, and much more—whether you’re a student, working professional, or anyone wanting to improve their money management.

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With the right financial knowledge, you can take control of your money and create a secure future. So go follow these amazing accounts and start building the financial confidence you need to crush your goals!