Top 10 TikTok Accounts to Learn All About Insurance

Insurance is an important but often confusing part of financial planning. Getting educated on insurance coverage helps ensure you have adequate protection for your needs. Luckily, TikTok has some great accounts breaking down insurance basics and tips in short, engaging videos.

Whether you’re looking to understand policies like car insurance better or want a career selling insurance, these informative TikTokers can help.

Here are 10 of the best educational accounts on TikTok to follow for useful insurance knowledge.


Run by Alfred, an independent life insurance agent, this account provides great overviews of different types of life insurance and how they work. Through quick videos, Alfred explains the differences between whole life, universal life, term life, and other policies in an easy-to-understand way. His friendly demeanor combined with great visuals makes the topic very approachable. For guidance choosing the right life insurance or clearing up confusion, @lifeinsurancegenius is a wonderful source.


Bill is an independent insurance broker who creates fun and informative videos answering common insurance questions. He explains topics like picking car insurance deductibles, adding renter’s insurance, and defining insurance terms like premiums, liability, and deductibles. Bill has a simple style that makes insurance easy to understand for anyone, from students and new drivers to seasoned adults. His account both educates and entertains.


Rosi is an energetic insurance educator with a background in finance. Her account provides great overviews of property, auto, health, life, and business insurance tailored to young professionals. Through her engaging videos, she explains insurance basics like how a deductible works, analyzes sample policies, and shares money-saving tips for choosing coverage. Rosi also discusses insurance careers for those interested in the industry. Her account makes insurance interesting and accessible.

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Ben is an independent insurance agent who makes videos answering the most common insurance questions he gets from clients. He discusses topics like insurance for young drivers, homeowners insurance explained, how to lower car insurance rates, and whether insurance covers riots and looting damage. Ben always explains insurance concepts clearly while keeping things lighthearted. His concise videos help demystify insurance for the average person.


Ross provides short, entertaining insurance explainers perfect for millennials and young adults. He covers topics like picking auto insurance coverage, insurance scams to watch out for, how insurance rates are determined, and more. His videos are under 60 seconds but pack a lot of useful insurance knowledge in a humorous, shareable format. Ross also shares tips for saving money on premiums. His account makes insurance education quick and enjoyable.


This account run by two young insurance agents provides fantastic insurance education tailored to millennials and younger generations. They break down insurance lingo, discuss coverage options for renters, homeowners, auto, health, and more. Their videos analyze real world insurance examples and policies. The account owners also share their own experiences getting licensed and starting their insurance careers at a young age for anyone interested in the industry. Their practical insurance advice is specifically geared towards millennials’ needs.


Andrea is an independent insurance broker creating fun and helpful explainers on home, auto, renters, and life insurance. She breaks down quotes and policies in easy-to-understand ways, points out hidden opportunities to save on premiums, and discusses situations where more coverage may be warranted. Andrea’s account helps simplify insurance concepts while also highlighting ways to get the most bang for your buck on coverage. Her friendly demeanor makes learning about insurance totally unintimidating.

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Sunny is a property and casualty insurance agent educating viewers on home, auto, and other personal insurance in upbeat short videos. She answers common questions in a conversational style and points out important policy details to look out for. Sunny also regularly interviews other agents and industry experts on more advanced topics like commercial insurance. Her account is a great source for bite-sized insurance knowledge.


Morgan creates fun videos explaining various complex insurance policies through entertaining metaphors and easy to follow charts. In seconds, she can break down topics like whole life insurance, homeowners insurance exclusions, and deductibles in ways anyone can understand. Morgan is also transparent about her own work as an agent. Her TikTok is perfect for simplified insurance lessons that stick.


Brooklyn is an independent agent who uses her account to educate people on home, auto, renters, and life insurance in a casual, relatable way. She explains what insurance actually covers, discusses important add-ons like gap auto coverage, and reviews real insurance rates and quotes. Brooklyn also answers common questions sent in by followers. Her simple explanations help demystify insurance basics.

Get Covered with Confidence

Understanding insurance better allows you to select the right policies with confidence. These entertaining TikTok accounts can teach you insurance basics, industry career tips, money-saving hacks, and more in bite-sized videos. Following them is a great first step to becoming insurance savvy and making sure you have the coverage that’s right for your needs. So tap that follow button and start getting insurance educated today!

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